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Who We Are?
In our world, there are more and more people want to earn extra and stable income. But on the way to success they can meet many difficulties - lack of time, knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency trading, the concepts and definitions of cryptocurrency components. These factors are constraints on the path to financial well-being. This is especially significant for those who had heard about cryptocurrency and trading on market.
To be able to earn in the sale of cryptocurrency need to: follow the trend, calculate risks, monitor the market and create detailed analytical predictions. Particular attention should be paid to increase or decrease in demand for basic cryptocurrency couples, as well as recently appeared. Without experience, statistical analysis, close-knit team, and many other factors, it is impossible to succeed.
Company MyInvest - OnlyTrade created by the combined efforts of experienced traders, analysts, economists and statisticians. Due to the accumulated experience, our company offers to earn additional income by investing in the cryptocurrency stock market. We have created all conditions for our customers to invest funds without spending their precious time and still receive a high income. The company developed a unique method of conducting operations in the market, which guarantees 100% profit regardless of the volatility of the rates of major cryptocurrency pairs. The company is regularly looking for new and vacant cryptocurrency for further investment. It's no secret that just 6 or 7 years ago, the main cryptocurrency worth 0.01 cents, that is 450 times less than the current rate.
We are constantly developing and testing different work strategies that can enhance the efficiency of investments and reduce to a minimum the possible loss of investment risks. We provide our customers the ability to earn income, which depends on the selected investment program.
Traders and analysts operate 24 hours a day to keep track of market trends and monitoring factors that affect the increase or decrease in the exchange rate, as well as the emergence of potential cryptocurrency for investment.
Our support team is ready to answer all questions and help resolve any problems that may arise in the process of cooperation with our company.

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Starter 0.1% per day Minimum: $ 10 Maximum: $ 100 Days: 30 Trader 0.4% per day Minimum: $ 105 Maximum: $ 500 Days: 90 Pro-trader 0.8% per day Minimum: $ 505 Maximum: $ 1,000 Days: 150 Investor 1.5% per day minimum : $ 1,005 Maximum: $ 10,000 Days: 365

Min - $10
Max - $10.000

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-Referral commission: 10%
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