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Forex-Lion LTD - forex-lion.com

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New project: Forex-Lion LTD - forex-lion.com


Who We Are?
About Company

Forex-Lion is a project based on hedge fund operation. There’s a key factor that distinguishes hedge funds from unit funds, mutual funds and other funds – they can use the entire range of existing trading instruments: futures, options, shares, bonds, currency, bank certificates, OTC market instruments, etc. It allows to diversify the portfolio of securities efficiently and ensures ample opportunities for income receipt. Within the framework of the current portfolio Forex-Lion can trade on the Forex market as well as trade securities on organized trading floors (stock markets). It also has restrictions when investing in OTC instruments. Forex-Lion leaves open the possibility to develop other areas.

Our fund invests money of its participants in different financial instruments following a few key strategies. All of them are based on detailed mathematical calculations and they are not simply tested – they are battle-proven on the market (each of them passed several market cycles). Forex-Lion is sure that there’s no competition between the discrete approach to investing on the stock market (trading without any software except the trading floor is often of intuitive nature) and the algorithmic one (trading on stock exchanges using software and hardware to obtain stock exchange data, process it, analyse and carry out stock exchange transactions). Forex-Lion’s set of strategies is limited to algorithm systems.

Irrespective of financial systems reformation and introduction of changes into the infrastructure of stock markets, the role of a human in Forex-Lion trading activities is limited to participation only at the stage of algorithmic system operation implementation. This role can be expressed in the development of a hypothesis, implementation of the analytical component of the strategy, taking a decision on the construction of the trading infrastructure. But a human will never play a key role at all trading stages.

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Min - $20
Max - $10.000

-We accept: Perfect Money / Bitcoin / Payeer/ ADV Cash
-Dedicated DDoS protected Server
-Hosting provider: Global Frag Networks

COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA(ValidTo: 2017-11-30)
IP : Nameservers : Hoster : Global Frag Networks NS1.EASY-GEO-DNS.COM (
Registrar : ENOM, INC. Created : 2016-11-22 Updated : 2016-11-22 Expires : 2017-11-22 

-Referral commission:  3 Levels: 5% -2% - 1%
-Unique design
-Instant Withdraw

Link to view and register ==>>>

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