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PremiumFund.biz - premiumfund.biz

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Premium Fund is the markets premier investment opportunity. Our fund is comprised of Stock & Options Trading, Forex Trading, Sports Arbitrage and Retail Ventures. We find it feasible to offer a fixed percentage rate of 110-160% daily, we feel that this rate is agreeable and highly attractive and is a manageable percentage based on our past trading results as our strategies can yield 110-160% or more. As we are a real trading operation our fund pays five days a week, excluding holidays and we allow withdrawals on Monday through Friday only. The reason for our withdrawal policy is that our funds are actually traded and we need to have constant movement in and out of our processing and trading accounts in order to ensure the success of our fund. All withdrawals will be processed within 24 hours. We offer a 3% referral bonus for every single client that you bring to us, so make sure to invite your down lines, family and friends to an honest and real investment.

The minimum investment for participation in our fund is $1, Premium Fund is a real fund and a real opportunity for success. We are a well connected bunch with very close relationships with certain individuals from well respected international firms, which of course we cannot divulge for their own safety. Premium Fund is a coalition of traders, mathematicians and investors who have come to clean up the online investment arena. We utilize day trades and swing trades along with options calls and puts for the bulk of our trading results. As a coalition we have over 30 years of experience combined in the markets and we have many accredited investors in our circle. We will be here for the long haul, you absolutely can't go wrong with us. We do hope you find our services to be of use. Please join us in the pursuit of success.


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Date : 2010-23-02 11:22:05
From/To Account : U5246768
Amount : -10.0000
Currency : LRUSD
Batch : 27675396
Memo : Deposit to Premoim Fund, User michael




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