Старт проекта: 5 января 2013г.
Минимальный вклад: 10$
Планы: 120% в день

With Plenty Fund we will try to help many people that are willing to invest in the FOREX Market but they have neither the necessary experience nor the time to do it successfully. We have selected group of traders that will managing the funds. We expect from them high ethical standards in their trading behavior and to do their best as a FOREX traders working. in order to obtain excellent rates of profitability. Of course, we will guarantee profitability rates to anyone interested in taking part in the Fund as an investor. We can promise you professionalism, hard work, good profit and honesty.

Unlike other financial markets, the foreign exchange market has no physical location and no central exchange. The FOREX market operates 24 hours a day through an electronic network of banks, corporations and individual traders. FOREX trading begins every day in Sydney, then moves to Tokyo, followed by London and then New York. FOREX can be very beneficial to a variety of people. FOREX trading can gain investors a large amount of money either over a long period of time, or in a short period of time. Investing in FOREX is simple and highly recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy profits from top-notch investments.

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